Beach2 Volleyball Pole

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    lightweight beach volleyball poles


    Features a unique square pole design for superior strength

    Strong, durable, weather resistant volleyball pole

    Two-piece pole for easy installation


    Removable or permanent installation

    Uses the worm gear Beach Net Ratchet (BNR) and is SOLD SEPARATELY

    Made in the USA

    To order the Beach2 Volleyball Pole contact our direct sales team. Request More Information


    Our Beach2 Poles feature 9 net height settings from 6’6″ to 8’ in 2” increments, accommodating Men’s, Women’s and Junior net heights as well as shifting sand. The Beach2 poles offer 3” square steel tubing with rounded edges and comes in 2 equal sections for easy installation. The poles measure up to 12’ in overall length. One end of the net cable connects to the static hook pole using the carabiner.  The other end of the net cable goes over the 4” pulley wheel to the net ratchet. The Beach2 poles use a uniquely designed net height adjustment system.  Simply loosen the net cable and move the carabiner and pulley wheel to the new desired net height.  Each pole is specially treated with a durable polyester powder coat paint keep water and sand from penetrating the equipment. Beach2 poles can be installed permanently in a concrete pier or are removable using the Beach2 Base. To learn more or order the Beach2 net system please contact your Regional Manager.

    *Please note volleyball poles are also commonly referred to as volleyball posts, uprights or standards.


    • 3” square steel tubing with rounded edges
    • Comes in 2 equal parts for easy installation
    • Up to 12’ in overall length
    • 9 permanent net height settings from 6’ to 8’
    • 4” polycarbonate pulley wheel
    • Plastic pole cap to prevent sand and water penetration

    Volleyball Net System

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    A complete net system requires two poles, one ratchet, one net, one antenna and may or may not require sleeves.  Contact your regional representative to customize your net system to meet your needs.