DF10: Tennis Pole

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    Sleek 3” tubular design

    Uses a pulley wheel for extended cable life

    Made in the USA

    To order the DF10: Tennis Pole contact our direct sales team. Request More Information


    Made of heavy gauge DOM steel, the DF10 tennis pole fits the standard KA25 Volleyball Floorplate & Sleeve and uses the HDNR Net Ratchet to tighten the net. Net Ratchet (HDNR) is SOLD SEPARATELY. The DF10 is sold in increments of one (1) and is backed by a lifetime performance warranty. For poles that can be used for volleyball and tennis, visit our DE60 Steel Volleyball/Tennis Pole product page or contact your regional representative.

    *Please note volleyball poles are also commonly referred to as volleyball posts, uprights or standards.


    • DOM steel
    • Weighs 30 pounds
    • 3” outside diameter
    • Powder coated painting process for a harder finish
    • UHMW polyethylene pulley wheel
    • Bottom of the pole has a non-skid, non-marking rubber insert to protect the gym floor

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    A complete net system requires two poles, one ratchet, one net, one antenna and one official stand; and may or may not require sleeves.  Contact your regional representative to customize your net system to meet your needs.